nyx le frou frou mascara

nyx le frou frou mascara

wanted: long, glossy black and wispy lashes that look like they’re growing right out of my own eyelid. this has been my eyelash goal for as long as i can remember. since i’m such a lover of lashes, i try more mascaras than any other type of beauty product, so i like to think that i know a good one when i see it. nyx le frou frou is my latest love and for so many reasons that go beyond its incredible $6 price tag.

for one, the formula is gorgeous. it’s whipped and mousse-y, extra light which helps to deliver volume to lackluster lashes.┬áit actually nails decent scores for length as well, without a single clump and no dry or brittle feeling. as it wears throughout the day, i am yet to find any flakes or smudges, sending it right to the top of my list.

the wand seems simple at first glance, but the plush bristles are densely packed meaning that it grabs every single lash and doesn’t let go until they’re fully coated. since the wand is on the thin side, you get easy access to inner corners and outer edges and it also leads me to believe that it would work well for all eye shapes (a big bonus).

the finished look is long and glossy, naturally tapered. if you take a second to use the brush to your full advantage, you’ll discover lashes that you didn’t know you had and enjoy a very wide fan of feathery fringe. it’s perfect for everyday and i really can’t get enough of the extra wallet-friendly price tag.

nyx le frou frou mascara ($5.99) >

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  1. Terry peterson says:

    I am brand new to this sight. You have such a beautiful way with words that I believe every product you really like has got to be the greatest thing ever to Coe around! I want to buy everything because you make it sound so wonderful. You have the gift of words and love make up and we can tell. It’s so fun to read your words. Looking forward to much more.

    • lara ramos says:

      thank you, terry! that may be the nicest comment that this blog has ever received. i am so happy that my love of makeup comes across in these posts and i am SO happy to have you reading along.

  2. afroditi says:

    Wonderful post!!! Your blog is lovely!!!! xxx

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