butter london x libertine

butter LONDON + Libertine

katie hughes, global colour ambassador for butter london, created a crazy cool fantasy nail look for last night’s libertine show. starting with union jack black and layering in several colors of holographic foil, crystals, studs, and even teeny tiny red pom poms on accent nails resulted in a 3d nail art effect that i am still dreaming about.

while this might not be one that i’m rushing to recreate anytime soon, it is a gorgeous reminder of the cutting edge creativity that comes out of new york fashion week. i mean, hello, is that crystal finger art that i see dancing down her middle fingers? so freaking cool.

i hope you have a glorious tuesday, beauties!

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3 Comments to butter london x libertine

  1. Lacey says:

    Although it’s not practical, it does make for beautiful art.

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