estee lauder modern muse

estee lauder modern muse

at this point, i basically balk at the notion of a signature scent. beauty products barely survive long enough to last a week in my regimen, let alone a lifetime. but i’m not complaining! i’ve been testing the hottest new fragrances for fall and i have settled on my personal favorite – a perfume choice that has really surprised me.

estee lauder’s modern muse is a light, woody floral, with just the tiniest touch of vanilla to give it sweetness and warmth. it’s confident and feminine, not at all overwhelming and, best of all, it doesn’t smell a thing like grandma. (not that we don’t love you, grandma.)

while it technically launched over the summer, i was way too into this and this to pay it any attention. now that the weather is (finally) cooling and my fall wardrobe is coming into its own, i’ve been on the hunt for something a little more…grown up. i’ve smelled a few things but this one really snuck up on me and captured my heart. i’ve been spraying it onto my wrists and the nape of my neck for a little elegance with a lot of staying power.

while i’d love to say that this one is here to stay, let’s just say that i cleared off some room on the perfume tray so that the beautiful bottle could move in and make itself comfortable…at least until the next best thing comes along.

what fragrance will you be wearing this fall?

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