iman breast cancer awareness lip stain


did you guys read sarah’s post on pink ribbon campaigns? i found it fascinating and it really made me think about the products that i choose to endorse during the month of october. after falling in love with iman’s breast cancer awareness lip stain, i immediately checked out their website to get the details on how much from each sale is actually reaching their intended charity. i was happy to find that $20,000 of profits generated from the lip stain during the month of october goes straight to sisters network, so on with the review!

iman’s pink luxury lip stain is gorgeous. it’s more of a lipstick than a stain, but the satiny semi-sheer pink lip color has as soft hint of metallic shimmer that makes me want to wear it everyday. i’ve been throwing it on each morning and loving the way that it actually does wear down to a soft stain. the color is so flattering and the formula is conditioning enough that i don’t need a balm underneath. i’m thinking that the tone is universal enough that it would flatter tons of skintones, too. so, if you’re in the market for a medium pink lip, i recommend scooping this one up and supporting a great cause in the process.

iman breast cancer awareness lip stain, $10 >

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