recipe for a good hair day (and then some)

mark. + davines + klorane = perfect hair day

my hair products are constantly rotating and sometimes i find myself forgetting which combination of things was (at least recently) giving me my best hair. there has been an extra surplus of hair potions shuffling their way through the glossarie hq as of late, but three of them truly stand out as awesome little performers. behold, your recipe for a good hair day – and days to come:

mark. prep for it hair primer, $16 – i didn’t know that primer was a step my hair was missing, but this spray lotion protects from heat styling, pumps up the volume when layered with my other styling products and gives my hair a grit that keeps it from getting greasy on day two – extending my style for an additional 24 hours.

davines this is a relaxing moisturizing fluid, $26 – this new collection from davines is as beautiful on the outside as the products are effective on the inside. the lightweight lotion leaves my hair smooth and shiny and cuts my flat iron time in half. it relaxes my curls and gives me my absolute best hair, the kind that hangs just how i want it.

klorane dry shampoo with nettle, $18 – finally a dry shampoo made just for those of us with oily hair. this aerosol spray zaps oil and gives serious oomph. instead of layering product on top of my greasy roots, the addition of nettle extract actually fights grease on days two and three to deliver day one hair all over again.

ps – for another fun tip on how to keep the good hair going, check out my latest mark. video :)

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