andré jourdan volume shampoo + conditioner

andre jourdan volume

the fact of the matter is that there comes a time in every girl’s life when her favorite shampoo and conditioner just stop working. chalk it up to (magical?) changes in the makeup of our scalp or maybe even the physics of our showers, but it’s a phenomenon that defies explanation. because of this pesky little problem, i’ve always found it helpful to rotate two sets of shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair at its best. my obsession with use me products continues and i love that they are all natural, but what to add into the mix?

when alyson from the average girl’s guide introduced me to andré jourdan’s line of products infused with organic ingredients, i knew i had to give them a try. initial research told me that they are sulfate-free (my hair behaves so much better when things are sulfate-free!) with added vitamins and proteins to to keep my hair and scalp healthy.

performance-wise, even though the shampoo doesn’t lather up much, i can still feel my oily hair getting an extra deep cleaning. (note: i am obsessed with the way this stuff smells – like an elegant bouquet of flowers, but not at all heavy.) the conditioner is ultra lightweight but does a surprisingly impressive job of detangling and moisturizing my hair the exact right amount, without weighing it down. out of the shower, my hair blows dry and straightens beautifully. the finished product is soft and bouncy with a touch of added shine and a burst of delicious scent. i get a solid two days of wear and i definitely notice that my hair is far less damaged and dry since introducing andré’s products into my routine.

if you typically invest in salon-quality products and you’re looking for something new to bring to your shower shelves, i recommend giving this line a look. it has all of the quality performance of my favorite salon brands, without any of the harmful ingredients.

psst…a little birdie told me that new email subscribers get 30% off their purchase, too!

andré jourdan volume shampoo + conditioner ($23 each) >

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  1. Cassie says:

    I am the same way! I have a favorite Conditioner and will not use anything else, but at least they have different mixes that help combat this shampoo/conditioner fatigue!

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