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i’m no stranger to trish mcevoy’s beautiful and impressively effective range of products, but what i haven’t really taken the time to explore is her makeup planner system. i may have makeup ADD, but i can fully appreciate the notion of committing to one (fully customizable) line and packing it all up inside a miniature traveling vanity. essentially, that’s what trish allows you to do. by selecting one of her planners (i find the petite to be more than enough space) and filling it with pages that you can pop any trish pan product inside, you can create a fast and easy way to put your face on each morning. each planner has a bunch of slip pockets for pencils and brushes and a removable zip pouch for tubes and tools. i’m so smitten with this concept!

here’s what’s inside my personalized petite planner:

1 – makeup wardrobing petite page (left to right: translucent finishing powder, blush face shaper 1, highlight face shaper 1, bronzer in golden): i’ve been using the blush (high on the apples) and setting powder (dusted all over) religiously, swiping the highlighter shade onto my eyes (it’s the perfect neutral) and saving the bronzer for sunnier months.

2 – instant eye lift: this product absolutely banishes puff and fatigue if you follow trish’s “triangle of light” as opposed to the half-moon approach that most of us use.

3 – eye base essentials: primes and brightens beautifully!

4 – high volume mascara: the best mascara ever, i wiggle the wand from base to tips for naturally plentiful lashes.

5 – shadow liner in smoky quartz: creamy and shimmery, i concentrate this raisin shade in the center of my lid and blend outward for slighty smoky effect.

6 – precision brow shaper: delivers a fully defined brow. my new favorite trick is to leave the inner corners slightly unkempt for a more natural look.

7 – sheer lip, in vibrant pink: the prettiest pop of peony! color is weightless and conditions lips while you wear, providing color and care in one step.

8 – instant pick me up lips, shimmer: a blooming lip gloss that transforms into a lasting stain. i love the way this shade transforms differently depending on your skin tone.

even with all of that, there’s still room for my favorite foundation, lash curler, and roll-on perfume. this is a brilliant way for gals on the go to bring their beauty on the road, don’t you think?

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4 Comments to trish mcevoy’s makeup planner system

  1. Katie J says:

    I love, love, loooove my Trish planner. With all the traveling I do, it’s nice to have something that can go from trip to trip without taking up to much room, but also be my go-to for my daily beauty duties! She has perfect brushes that fit right in as well! xoxo

    • lara ramos says:

      you are the original point of discovery for me and this little bit of makeup magic! now i must get my hands on some of those mini brushes…

  2. Believe it or not, a Trish planner was my first makeup I ever owned! They are so good!