clinique superdefense moisturizer

clinique superdefense

i hate to complain about the cold, because really – what can you do? but, jeez louise it is cold. after the seventeenth day in a row of freezing my buns off running between appointments, errands, etc. it became clear to me that my skin was suffering. this is the kind of cold that sucks the life out of everything, and while it may be making us skinnier, it’s not doing our epidermis any favors.

so, imagine my delight, when in the timeliest of deliveries, this gorgeously thick and delicious moisturizer arrived on my doorstep from the good people at clinique. (note: i am using the “very dry to dry combination” formula.) normally i would take one look at a moisturizer made for “very dry” skin and run for the hills, assuming that it would cause breakouts galore – but these are desperate times.

i started slathering (and i do mean slathering) this stuff from hairline to bustline daily about a week ago and i am floored by how much better my skin looks and feels already. the angry winter breakouts i’ve been fighting are fading fast and the worsening redness that i’ve been experiencing has all but vanished. i was worried that a moisturizer this heavy would sit on my skin, but it soaks in quickly, leaving me grease-free, and my makeup glides easily over top of it. i can tell that my skin is balanced and happily hydrated all day long because there are no flakes, no dry patches, and no clogged pores. best of all, this moisturizer comes complete with spf 20 for protection from all of the elements.

i’m telling you that this is a moisturizer to adore, especially if your skin is not happy in this abnormally cruel winter weather. i appreciate clinique’s approach to skincare and love knowing that i’m putting top technology on my face each morning – and trust me when i say that the results are the proof in the pudding.

if you need to up your skincare game (again) for the polar vortex, give this one a go.

clinique superdefense daily defense moisturizer spf 20, $47 >

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