greening my routine with mario badescu

mario badescu green routine

my skin care routine has quite literally gone green.

besides being perfectly fitting for saint patrick’s day, the truth is that this trio has saved my pregnancy hormone-ravaged skin. the team at mario badescu must be getting pretty used to my panicky emails at this point and seeing as though i am yet to present them with a pickle that they cannot get me out of, it’s really no surprise that they sent me the perfect solution to my latest problem.

they informed me that my sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin requires a combination of chemical exfoliation, gentle disinfection, and soothing nourishment to keep it from getting inflamed. here’s the very festive combination of products that is keeping everything in check:

mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel, $12
forget everything you know about washing your face. add a drop of water to this mint-colored gel, massage it over your skin and every trace of makeup is dissolved, without drying. it provides a deep clean without being harsh – just be sure to avoid your eye area.

mario badescu seaweed cleansing lotion, $15
a very green toner to remove any left-behind smudges of makeup while also giving something back. it cleans out all of my pores with witch hazel, soothes my sensitive areas with aloe, helps to prevent dryness and preps skin perfectly for my night cream.

mario badescu seaweed night cream, $20
this green cream restores hydration (essential for helping my skin to repair itself overnight) without adding oil. collagen and hyaluronic acid leave things feeling so smooth and plumped up in the mornings, while also reducing redness and shrinking pimples.

all three products have made a visible (and fast) improvement in my skin – completely turning things around from the broken out turmoil that i have been experiencing. lucky for me, and thanks to mario badescu, going green has saved the day!

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6 Comments to greening my routine with mario badescu

  1. kate spitz says:

    I definitely wan tto try out some products from Mario Badescu and these sound three good ones to start with. THanks for the review.

    • lara ramos says:

      his products have completely changed my skin, this might be my favorite discovery that i’ve made in five years! you have to give the line a try :)

  2. Lacey says:

    You just described my skin. Sadly I just bought a new cleanser that does a mediocre job. Ahh. What to do!

    • lara ramos says:

      ugh, the WORST! i will say that these are super reasonably priced and WELL worth the investment. you can buy them in store at nordstrom and blue mercury, too. let me know if you give them a test!

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  4. Justen Manla says:

    I already use these type of products but that is not use full.

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