first aid beauty age delay dual repair eye cream

first aid beauty dual repair eye cream

i like a no nonsense eye cream.

i’m lucky enough not to be suffering any major woes – just a minimal combination of dark circles, crow’s feet, and fine lines underneath. (par for the 32 year-old course, i suppose) to keep things from progressing, i apply an eye cream nightly and i look for something that’s nourishing and preventative. since anything that lengthens my evening routine is likely to get skipped, in order to keep me on track it’s also important that my eye cream blend in easily, completely and fast.

first aid beauty has created the perfect eye cream for me. it delivers all of the essential anti-aging benefits without any irritation and i’ve been most impressed with the way that it brightens, strengthens, and keeps puffiness at bay. this eye cream is all business, but it doesn’t stop there.

when it comes to application, the pump operates like a dream and you can get the exact right amount that you need so that no product is wasted. (those who have had frustrations with other pumps will totally know what i mean, here!) secondly, this product vanishes completely into skin, and without much effort. i don’t know why this is so satisfying (or important) to me, but i love how this blends easily into the under eye area and saturates the delicate skin without requiring much rubbage.

until situations call for something more serious, this eye cream will be taking up permanent residence on my sink side. three cheers for simple and effective beauty!

first aid beauty age delay dual repair eye cream, $40 >

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  1. Niki says:

    I need to try this! I’m 34 and experiencing the same issues, and although I’ve found eye creams that I like, nothing has really been cutting it so far!

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