kerastase elixir ultime crème fine

kerastase elixir ultime creme fine

forget everything you think you know about hair oil, because kerastase is changing the game. inside this gold tube is a product that has the weight of a lotion, but the deeply nourishing powers of a rich oil. crème fine is a hair treatment that falls somewhere between a leave-in conditioner and a serum, bringing instant health to hair of all textures and thicknesses. so high is the praise for this product, that i have spoken with girls who use it as a curl cream and those who use it as a straightening lotion, ladies who employ it as a pre-styling treatment, and those who reserve it for an after-styling balm. it’s a true multi-tasker and it hasn’t failed any of us yet.

i have personally taken to using it as a blow-in styling treatment and the effects are mega gorgeous. a dime sized amount distributed through damp hair, pre-blow dry results in smooth hair that is weightless yet full of shape and volume. oh, and the shine? is out of this world. i’m most impressed with the manageable and easy finished look that looks effortless (it truly is effortless) and polished at the same time. this product plays extra nice with my flat iron and leaves hair looking and feeling just as good on day two without any added grease.

i’m telling you, this is the good stuff. so, if your hair is begging for softness, strength, and smoothness (and really, whose isn’t?) then this gold tube is holding your new best friend.

kerastase elixir ultime creme fine, $42 >

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  1. Chantel Keona says:

    This sounds amazing.

  2. Love the idea to use for a blow-in styling treatment! (But what can we say? We’re a little biased towards blow outs!)

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