hourglass ambient lighting blush

hourglass ambient lighting blush

ah, blush.

my very first beauty love and favorite product to this day. i love it so much that i like to save it for last, after my brows, lashes, even lips are done and watch the magic happen as it awakens my entire face. over the years, i have learned that the right shade creates life and glow, irregardless of shimmer in the formula. since my biggest pet peeve is a blush that falls flat, you can only imagine how thrilled i was to discover hourglass’ revolutionary powder that’s actually designed to bring depth and dimension.

hourglass has fused its well-loved ambient lighting powders with stunning blush shades to create this multidimensional color product. it sweeps on with ease, blending beautifully and delivering a soft-focus to the face that simply brings all of the attention to all of the right places.

what looks semi-scary in the pan actually results in a natural finish and is surprisingly hard to overdo. my current favorite is radiant magenta, but next on my list is ethereal glow – the perfect cotton candy pink. (so springy!) these blushes are super special, along with being heads and shoulders above other baked and marbled options. while $35 may cause some beauty addicts to cringe a bit, the velvety long-lasting effects make this one worth every penny.

hourglass ambient lighting blush, $35 >

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7 Comments to hourglass ambient lighting blush

  1. Courtney says:

    This blush is gorgeous, the color is lovely!


  2. I love this, it’s next on my blush list! Right now I’m using Too Faced ‘Candy Glow’ and it’s amazing too, have you tried it before?

    • lara ramos says:

      yes! that’s another great one. i love the different shades and the shimmery effect. might have to dig it out of my drawer :)

  3. stylecable says:

    you’re so awesome, i would love for you to come to our pop up party this wednesday supporting emerging designers :)

  4. Chantel Keona says:

    This blush is beautiful!

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