tweezerman onyx great grip eyelash curler

lash curlers are a funny thing.

you would think that they’re all the same – two little loops for your fingers to grip, a curved metal crimper, soft cushion for your lashes, and a spring load for pressure. how very different can one be from the next?

the answer: very.

i try a lot of lash curlers and most of them end up pinching the hell out of my eyelid or crimping my lashes into a sharp “L” or “V” shape that is far from natural. most know that i’ve been singing the praises of this chanel curler for awhile now (and a two-year run isn’t too shabby), but it has sadly started to lose its spring, leaving me with a need for something new. so, when i heard that tweezerman created an updated lash curler, i had high hopes – and they were not disappointed.

the quality and comfort here is very good. i like the padded handles a lot, but the most important parts (the silicone pads, spring load, and curved shape) are where this thing really sings. the shape of the actual curler lets you get insanely close to the lash line without pinching and the perfect amount of tension in the spring means that you get great curl without squeezing the life out of your lashes. as an added bonus, the price is nice.

to wrap it up, the quality in construction, resulting curl and just the general good looks of this tool are really impressive. gals who like a lot of lash, and prefer to start with a strong base curl will be very pleased. well done, tweezerman.

tweezerman onyx great grip eyelash curler, $15 >

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4 Comments to tweezerman onyx great grip eyelash curler

  1. bellebellebeauty says:

    I’ve been racking my brain as to why my beloved Chanel curler wasn’t quite the same. This must be it!!! Well, looks like I am onto Tweezerman myself. Thank you again, beauty buddy!

  2. Ashleigh says:

    This is a perfectly timed post! I’ve been looking for a new lash curler, mine is on it’s last legs. Thank you for the suggestion! :)

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