4 fab little lip balms

softlips cube

it’s no secret that pregnancy is just plain weird. (beautiful, yes; a miracle, definitely; but still very, very strange!) of all the symptoms that i was prepared for, swelled-up, bee-stung, brigitte bardot-like lips were not on the menu – and not that i’m complaining in the least. a plumper pout for the next 90 days? i will surely take it! but, there’s something else: these full lips of mine are peeling, nonstop.

this latest hormonal phenomenon has sent me searching far and wide for the ultimate arsenal of lip balms and i’ve got four in constant rotation. so, if you’ve seen me slathering (and layering) any of these lately, now you’re in the know.

albeit nourishing lip balm, $12
three words: luxe, luxe, luxe. this beautiful pink balm is housed in a weighty glass jar with a gold lid, but with ingredients like jojoba, coconut oil, and aloe, its beauty goes far beyond that perfect packaging. smoothing this on to lips delivers a comforting shine that really lingers. my advice? leave this one on the vanity, and reach for it often.

lypsyl intense protection beeswax lip balm, $3.95
throw all of your expensive sephora-bought stick balms away and go get your hands on one of these. lypsyl makes the silkiest lip balm available at the drugstore and i keep a stick of vanilla plum on me at all times. i am yet to find something more soothing for less than $5, and to be honest, since discovering this stuff i have kinda stopped looking.

l’occitane moisturizing lip balm, $12
an ultra-rich repairing lip balm, this white tube has been my go-to for an overnight treatment lately and i am already noticing the difference during the day. i slather it on after washing my face, and in the mornings, my lips start off the day all soft and hydrated thanks to a date with ingredients like shea butter every evening.

softlips cube 5-in-1 lip care, $3.49
oh, softlips. i will forever associate you with middle school dances, but your new outfit has reinvigorated our relationship for the better. the cool new cube format takes everything that i love about the classic, flavor-filled and glide-y lip balm and just makes it that much more fun to use. pretty sure you will love this product just as much as you did in 1996.

are there any other must-haves that i should add to the mix?

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6 Comments to 4 fab little lip balms

  1. I never heard of lypsyl and will have to check it out ! For mom-to-be, you will love Earth Mama Angel Baby smoothie for only 3 bucks !


    • lara ramos says:

      you are the second person to recommend the earth mama angel baby line! i am definitely going to check it out :)

  2. Caitlin F. says:

    i’m pretty positive that the sara happ luxe balm is on your list – but just in case it’s not – get it on there! most luxurious lip balm ever ;)

    • lara ramos says:

      yes! that might be the most LUXE balm i have ever tried – and also the most delicious tasting!

  3. MK says:

    I love Clinique’s All About Lips. Every winter, my lips peel and crack. Since I started using All About Lips, almost no peeling or cracking at all. It exfoliates (chemically, it’s not a scrub) and I think diminishes fine lines and definitely softens, and miraculously, does all that without irritating my super-sensitive lips and the super-sensitive skin around my mouth. I use it morning and night. I use gloss or balm or the like during the day, and goodbye peeling lips. I sound like an ad for the product, but I love it! My lips have never retained moisture well and are so sensitive to allergens. That this stuff works so well is amazing!

    • lara ramos says:

      that is a serious endorsement! i have used this in the past, but not in the longest – i might have to make a sephora run today to grab a tube :)

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