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found: your last-minute mother’s day gift, courtesy of the print-masters at plum pretty sugar.

if you’re not familiar with plum pretty sugar, then you are missing out on a whole lot of goodness. i discovered the brand while wedding planning in 2010 and these days, i practically live in my knee-length kimono-style robe (belted above the bump, natch). it’s the perfect thing to snuggle up in post-shower and while i usually only intend to wear it during makeup application and while my hair dries, it would not be shocking for you to find me still wearing it after lunch. (whoops!)

since they are proven purveyors of beautiful things and constantly creating fresh and adorable new items, i had a hunch that a makeup bag could not be too far off into the future – and i am absolutely in love with what they created in the category of my most favorite accessory. their new cosmetic bag is available in two prints – pink love and poppy – for $24. it will make the most gorgeous home for your most treasured beauty items and i promise that you’ll be looking for opportunities to take this little lover on the road.

might i recommend one for you and one for mom?

plum pretty sugar cosmetic bag, $24 >

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    OOh! I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Can’t wait to start following!! xo

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