avon femme nail art video + the easiest everyday lip

last month i trained up to nyc to spend the most fabulous day with my friends at mark and avon. after previewing the new saint barts collection from mark, i sat in on a media session celebrating the launch of avon’s newest fragrance – femme. this scent is full of playful sparkle and encompasses so many of my most favorite ingredients: gardenia, pink grapefruit, and a touch of musk. this is the most wearable floral and there’s no occasion that it wouldn’t be perfect for. at $30, it has me leaving my go-to flowerbomb in the dust and i’m still in awe of the quality coming from this gorgeous bottle. yum!

we capped of the day by filming the nail art tutorial above and i was so giddy-thrilled with the results that i think the manicurist might have thought that i had never had a manicure before. the combination of a soft pastel pink base, with a striking stripe of silver and sprinkle accent nails was too much for me to handle. best of all, i actually think that i could recreate this masterpiece at home!

avon femme

prior to my shoot, i was treated to a makeup application by marni burton. i was definitely obsessed with my smoky silver eyes, but i have to say that the best trick i gleaned from marni that morning was how to create the perfect everyday lip for my fair skin and dark hair – and it’s a snap! marni layered a satiny nude lip underneath of a cool, neutral pink gloss. not rocket science, not complicated, but perfect in its own understated way. the combination of mark all butter now lip treat (moisturizing, extra comfortable color) in bare all and avon ultra glazewear lip gloss (brilliant creamy color, non sticky formula) in darling pink are now on me at all times and i love not having to think about my lip color for even a split second. thank you, marni!


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9 Comments to avon femme nail art video + the easiest everyday lip

  1. Maya says:

    Thanks for sharing these:). I love this blushy color.


    • lara ramos says:

      me, too! it’s definitely going to be a spring go-to because it’s just so easy to wear.

  2. annie says:

    Fancy lady! Very cute video. And thanks for the sidebar love — you are too sweet!

  3. CAM says:

    Wow your hair! How do I get mine like that?

    • lara ramos says:

      ahh thank you! i never get compliments on my hair :) it was just one day dirty with some light curl (large barrel) to shape the ends – and a lot of hair spray!

  4. very cool, love the video!

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