maybelline volum’ express pumped up! colossal mascara


maybelline pumped up colossal mascara

as the rest of me has been expanding, i’ve found myself craving bigger and bigger lashes. it’s all about balance, right? but, as i have tested mascara after mascara in search of that crazy smudge-proof volume, mascara after mascara has disappointed me. i just couldn’t seem to find anything that was delivering the length and oomph that i was looking for – and that also didn’t give me raccoon eyes by lunchtime.

as if reading my mind yet again, maybelline has delivered their latest lash creation, volum’ express pumped up! colossal. the name alone screams volume (three ways!) and the formula-brush combination¬†provides¬†gorgeous length and lash plumping. it’s one of the more easy-to-wear mascaras i have tried recently – going on wet (without clumping, but do be careful when blinking right after it’s applied) and not feeling at all dry or stiff throughout the day, so my lashes aren’t suffocated. it wears beautifully with no flakes or smudges, which is rare in a volumizing mascara. (sometimes i feel like the bigger the lashes, the more they flake and break down as the mascara wears.)

the brush is tapered at both ends so you get a big fat part in the middle that’s perfect for building drama, and then a conical tip that allows you to get into the corners so that no lash is missed. to apply, i love standing¬†super close to my leaning mirror and watching my lashes grow and grow with every swipe!

for less than $10, this hot pink tube is bringing some major competition to the mascara market. girls who like a lot of lash will love this stuff – and your wallet won’t be complaining in the least.

maybelline volum’ express pumped up! colossal mascara, $5.99 >

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6 Comments to maybelline volum’ express pumped up! colossal mascara

  1. Lacey says:

    I just bought mascara, but I will add this to my list for next time. Thanks for the review.

  2. Abby says:

    I just recently purchased this mascara and already love it. I don’t know if I like it better than The Falsies, but it certainely is a contender. Thanks for the great review!

    • lara ramos says:

      the falsies ‘big eyes’ was my previous maybelline favorite (and i still love it!) – this one is different, slightly more volume drama i think. big eyes for me does give better length and definition!

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