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sometimes i feel like my beauty tastes gravitate more towards prestige and department store brands than towards more budget-friendly options. while my beauty drawer certainly holds a mix of the two, i always welcome the opportunity to get to know a reputable drugstore brand a little bit better. for the last couple of days, i have been playing with a few options from nyc new york color and, well, you can color me very impressed.

for starters, the expert last lipstick on the top left is insane! i think i did a double-take after applying because the shades are so soft and smooth, negating almost everything that i tend to hate about lipstick. the colors are vivid and bright and they last an impressively long time. the pink shade that has stolen my heart is called forever fuchsia – girly and fun!

moving on to that chic little liquid eyeliner in the top right, let me just tell you that i do not make friends with any liquid liner – so if i can successfully (and painlessly!) tightline my own eyes, we are on to something. the brush is extra precise and the smooth formula does not irritate. i will surely be hanging on to this $3 gem.

in the lash department, nyc new york color has won me over with big bold mascara and its ultra-fat plastic brush, making both my lashes and my eyes look bigger than ever. it wears well, it comes off easily (two major pluses in my book!) – and it costs about half what you’ll find for other mascaras at the drugstore. pretty impressive, no?

rounding out the group is city proof twistable intense lip color. i tested this guy in two shades – parsons pink (a frosty baby pink) and ballroom blush (a true strawberry pink-red). they are both weightless, slick, and very easy to wear, giving me more of that balm-y texture that i love from a tinted lip and none of the dryness. they definitely give department store options a run for their money, and in my opinion, they easily have the drugstore market cornered with the best formula under $5.

if the pretty colors, surprisingly high-performing formulas, and can’t-be-beat price points are not enough to send you hustling out the door, you can click here to snag a coupon and enter here to win a complete look from the brand.

if you’re already a fan of nyc, i would love to hear from you. are there more products that i need to try? and if you’re a newbie like me, i’m curious to know if you’ll grab any of these playfully bright and wallet-friendly products on your next drugstore outing!

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