miracle skin transformer treat + conceal (again)

miracle skin treat conceal

sometimes a beauty product is so good that it’s worth revisiting.

a recent email featuring this little white tube prompted me to dig it out of the glossarie archives and give it a go as both a dark circle disguiser and blemish concealer. so this morning, after applying my go-to foundation, and since my belly now prevents me from leaning over my sink vanity (#pregnancyproblems), i stood in front of my full-length mirror and got to patting it on.

i instantly remembered why i loved it so much as a dark circle concealer, because it hides those beastly¬†blue tones effortlessly. there’s a radiance to this concealer that means it not only neutralizes the skin under your eye, giving the illusion of a few more hours sleep on the spot, but it also imparts a subtle glow that makes me look much livelier and more awake. it’s a keeper.

what i hadn’t dare to do previously with this concealer was to use it on my breakouts. (i should note that pregnancy has done very nice things for my skin, but with the warmer weather comes sweat and ultimately a clogged pore or two, or five.) it fits the bill for everything that i look for in a spot concealer – it’s lightweight, luminous, with a texture falling somewhere between what you find in a stick and what you would find in a liquid. i tested in on a few red pimples and watched them all but vanish as i blended it into place. best of all, once it’s on, it’s undetectable.

do you realize what this means?

this tube has now skyrocketed into the coveted position of complexion perfecter. hiding every possible discoloration on your skin, there is no other product that you need to keep in your arsenal for concealing and correcting. i’m telling you that it makes me want to run out and buy another tube just so that i can keep one at home and one with me at all times – it changed the overall look of my face that much.

if you’re still without this product in your life, i’m thinking you likely won’t be for long.

miracle skin transformer treat & conceal, $36 >

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  1. Sherry says:

    I have the Skin Transformer for face and MUST get to the store and pick this up as well. Thank you so much for the review. I have dark circles that are hard to cover and this sounds like a product that might work :)

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