pantene smooth argan serum

pantene smooth argan serum,

my hair is in a conundrum.

it’s kind of long and unkempt at the moment, but – call me crazy – i’ve found security in having more hair as my belly expands. in the summer, i also like to let the hot tools take a breath and give my hair the chance to air dry into its natural texture (somewhere between curls and waves) – the longer it is, the less poodle-like things get, so the length helps with that, too.

the thing is, that the longer my hair grows, the less healthy it seems. my medium-fine hair really benefits from a good cut and it hasn’t seen the likes of a salon chair since the winter. so, finding it very apparent that i needed to switch up my product choices to keep this wild mane under control, i turned to the experts at pantene to bring some sweet salvation. their smooth argan serum is just what the doctor ordered.

this tiny bottle packs a lot of punch and the product inside provides smooth frizz-free shine whether i am wearing my hair straight or curly. when i work it through damp strands, i can feel my dry, over-worked hair drinking it in and i can really feel the difference when i’m using the blow dryer and flat iron to straighten things out. it takes fewer passes to get through these long tresses and the results are extra glossy. then, the multi-tasking benefits get even better when i’m wearing my hair curly. i recently learned that i can take more control over my hair’s natural (and unruly) shape by adding a glossing cream or serum to my curl routine. after using my favorite salt spray, i emulsify a drop of this between my palms and scrunch away. since argan oil is super light, there’s no danger in weighing my hair down (or of my skin breaking out!) and  my curls look so much more polished and pulled together.

for less than $5 i’m thinking this stuff is as close as it gets to liquid gold. it’s also extremely travel-friendly thanks to its small size, so bring on the summer vacations and be sure this little bottle is in your beach tote.

pantene smooth argan serum, $4.97 >


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