clarins instant concealer

clarins instant concealer

why is it so hard to find the perfect under eye concealer?

i don’t know about you, but i just want something that completely erases every trace of blue from underneath my eyes, does not look heavy or cakey, and does not just fall dead on my skin. i have definitely found a few winners through the years – this one and this one to name two – and while they both zap dark circles with ease, i feel like i have to layer highlighter or luminizer over top of them to bring the life back to my skin.

in my search for a concealer that illuminates and reflects light, i turned to the brand known for bringing the glow. clarins’ instant concealer has a strong following and now i know why. it has a moisturizing consistency (almost like a liquid foundation) so it blends effortlessly and you can see the pearly shimmer as soon as it’s out of the tube. one glance and i just knew it would be brightening. the tiniest drop will cover even the most ferocious dark circles and will totally fool everyone into thinking that you are getting hours upon hours of beauty rest.

if that’s not makeup magic, i don’t know what is.

this is one of those products that will have you saying wow after one test. i find myself looking for excuses to check myself out in the mirror because i just can’t get over the fake awake’ness (and healthy glow!) that it brings to my entire face. if you’re needing a little oomph in the under eye area, you’re going to want to go and get you some of this goodness.

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