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drugstore mascaras

this is the tale of two drugstore mascaras that landed in the glossarie test lab during the very same week. normally i try extra hard not to compare products directly to one another, but these two are pretty different and will appeal to various customers depending on what you’re wanting in a lash look. the nice thing is that they’re both great in their own way and they each ring it at $7.99 – so the choice is up to you!

revlon bold lacquer length and volume mascara is smooth and lightweight, giving beautiful natural-looking length that’s perfect for everyday. the brush stretches and separates each lash easily with no clumps and the black color is extra shiny (hence the lacquer name). it doesn’t smudge and for being so light (almost gel-like) it holds curl really well. i like the effortless way that it accentuates the lashes i have, but makes them look ten times better than they do without mascara. this option is made for girls who like an enhanced, natural, and glossy lash look that lasts all day.

l’oreal voluminous miss manga is a completely different animal. for one, the brush is conical and flexible so it coats each lash evenly for tons of added volume. beyond being fun to use, i love the way that it distributes product and really amplifies my lashes, from corner to corner thanks to the fine point at the end of the brush. this formula is thicker so it builds more drama, but just like the revlon it lasts all day without smudging or flaking. i was pleasantly surprised that my lashes didn’t feel dry or stiff at all while i was wearing it and that it amps up my ho-hum lashes, making them much more bold and noticeable.

so, what do you think? will you add either of these impressive drugstore performers to your shopping list?

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4 Comments to new mascaras from revlon + l’oreal

  1. Ebony Jay says:

    I really like the Revlon mascara (:

  2. Olga says:

    I really, really want to try the miss manga mascara!!!

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