ren evercalm gentle cleansing milk

ren gentle cleansing milk

on my weekly lap through sephora last week, i was on a serious hunt for a new pm cleanser. i was contemplating this one and this one, reading online reviews mid-aisle when a cast member asked me if i needed help. buckling my proverbial seatbelt (for some reason i feel like asking for help at sephora can always be interesting – some cast members are knowledgeable and others, well, not so much) i told her what i was looking for. she responded quickly that i should look at ren because it is formulated specifically for ladies in “my condition.” (oh.) i let that slide and followed her to the ren wall where she introduced a few options. after learning about my sensitive, breakout-prone skin, we settled on gentle cleansing milk as the best option.

now that i’ve been using gentle cleansing milk nightly, i can tell you that it is exactly what my skin has been missing. two pumps smoothed onto dry skin breaks up all of the day’s makeup (which i should confess is on the light side – heavy eye makeup wearers may also need remover) and is easily washed away with a few splashes of water. after toweling off, my skin is far less red and irritated, and – you guys – it is so, so soft! i follow up with my favorite toner and my cotton pad is picking up less traces of left-behind makeup than with my previous cleanser. can it be that this gentle cleanser is actually good for my skin and getting it cleaner?

since adding this into my routine, i haven’t experienced a single breakout and the ones that i’ve been fighting are disappearing rapidly. because it’s extra gentle, this cleanser actually does minimize the signs of sensitivity and irritation (i.e. redness) that i have been experiencing for as long as i can remember.

adding this cleanser into the mix has reminded me that being kind to my skin definitely has its benefits. sensitive gals and anyone looking to give their skin a break from harsher products will love this product for its calming, soothing, effective cleansing abilities, resulting in happy faces all around.

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5 Comments to ren evercalm gentle cleansing milk

  1. Lacey says:

    REN has been on my radar lately. They seem to make a really good line of products. I’m thinking of trying the Clear Calm 3 cleanser. I agree that the people who work at Sephora are not always helpful. This usually happens when I genuinely need help.

    • lara ramos says:

      that one is on my list! and i so agree about sephora staffers – they need to get their game together :)

  2. I also use this cleanser – it’s divine (:

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