mum+bub soothing ointment

mum + bub soothing ointment

let’s just say that change is afoot around here (i mean, there is a box of nursing pads nestled in among my hanky panky collection…) and today i really have babies on the brain because the two women who i have been pregnant along side of since the get-go have both delivered their beautiful daughters in the last 48 hours. this means three things:

  1. baby gloss’ tiny girl posse is shaping up quite nicely
  2. i’m next – exciting!
    3. i’m next – terrifying!

but while i wrestle with all of that, i am making fierce friends with a new, um beauty product. i received a sample of mum+bub soothing ointment in one of many millions of gift bags that i have picked up along the maternity way and after reading the ingredients (pawpaw fruit!), i quickly squirreled it away for myself assuming that it would make an excellent and nourishing lip balm – and i was not mistaken.

this intensely soothing and healing balm has becoming my go-to for overnight lip treatment. it recently got me out of a very sticky allergic reaction situation and has even worked wonders on some nasty little greenhead bites that i got while in massachusetts. since then i have used it on flyways, hangnails, and even as a lash conditioner. (ah-mazing!) since the stuff is already performing magic on my own skin, i can only imagine that it will do marvelous things for the babe, too. from my experience, the ingredient list will be safe and gentle enough for her, but do not mistake the fact that this is some seriously sophisticated skincare, too.

in short, i can tell that i’m going to need two tubes of mum+bub: one for the changing table and one for my nightstand…and maybe one for the diaper bag…and one for my car…

(i told you change is afoot around here!)

mum+bub soothing ointment, $15.95 >

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4 Comments to mum+bub soothing ointment

  1. bellebellebeauty says:

    ahhh! this makes me so excited :) sounds like an awesome product, even for those of us who only have fur children. I need a good lipbalm!

    • lara ramos says:

      it’s heaven, plus it doesn’t have any of the bad stuff in it. i just wish they made it in a smaller size – i love the sample but i’m not so excited about lugging the full-sized tube around!

  2. haha — #3. I’m so excited for you!!

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