boscia all-in one b.b. eye brightener

boscia b.b. eye brightener

you know when you need to take your day way into overtime without missing a beat? in my case, this day looks something like: wake up early, knock out a few hours of work, go to the hospital to visit with brand new baby niece (squeal!), sit on the highway for way too long fighting traffic coming home, grocery shop, and then attend a barbecue block party meeting all new neighbors for the first time – all while looking glowy, happy, energized, and not the least bit 37 weeks pregnant.

yeah. it’s a tall order.

by the time i got halfway through that agenda on wednesday, i was wearing the day all over my face. my eyes were looking sad and tired, but i was not about to settle for that. i reached for this boscia b.b. eye brightener and used my ring finger to apply it liberally under each of my eyes. it’s a combination brightener and hydrator so it glides on like an eye cream and brightens (concealing slightly) like a tinted highlighter. bottom line: it made one very tired me look perky and awake in an instant.

this is not going to take the place of your under eye concealer, but it is definitely something you will want to keep in your bag whenever you need an afternoon boost. it layers nicely over concealer or foundation and really just works to smooth, lift, and tighten while giving a little burst of light to your worn-out eyes. considering that i tested it on quite possibly the tiredest, puffiest, most sleep-deprived eyes on earth, i feel more than confident that it will seriously impress all of you.

boscia all-in one b.b. eye brightener, $38 >

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