clinique chubby stick cheek colour balms + baby tints


clinique baby tints + cheek colour balms

summer has me craving color, but i like to keep things super lightweight in the heat. clinique has delivered some real beauties in their two new chubby stick collections – one for cheeks and one for lips. they pair together beautifully and i’ve been changing up my combination daily, yet to discover one that i’m not fully obsessed with.

the moisturizing cheek colour balms pack a lot of punch. the formula is an oil-free gel that the fibers in my stippling brush grip right onto, giving a ton of color payoff once it hits your cheekbones. (i found myself needing to hold back a bit on application, so be warned if you are heavy handed!) once in place, these feel like nothing at all, look natural, and they wear all day long with no fading or smudging. i’ve been alternating amp’d up apple (definitely nude, not at all red) and robust rhubarb (true peach) most frequently and i’m very much in love. clinique has easily created my new favorite cream blush.

the baby tints are a fresh take on clinique’s popular chubby sticks. they are lighter, more moisturizing, and they go on sheer, turning into a super pretty tint that develops after you apply. now, i often have a bone to pink with “blooming” lip colors because they tend to go neon and unnatural on me. while these may be a bit more of a luxe price point for a sheer, tinted balm, clinique has really nailed the subtle “blossoming” lip phenomenon. each one of these is prettier than the next and i am finding them to be the perfect finishing touch to everyday summer makeup. my advice? go play with these asap and find your favorite(s)!

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3 Comments to clinique chubby stick cheek colour balms + baby tints

  1. Lacey says:

    I love the chubby sticks for lips and eyes, I’ve yet to try the cheeks and baby tints. It sounds like I need to add them to my list.

    I hope all is going well in your last few weeks before the baby. (weeks?)

    • lara ramos says:

      thank you for the pregnancy well wishes! i’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow so it’s definitely feeling very, very close :) (and you will LOVE these new clinique sticks!)

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