i am in love with this photo of emma watson. i’m not sure how recent of a snap it is, but her makeup is just spot on perfection. i also happen to think that she is one adorable class act of a human being, someone i would totally love to have a latte (or perhaps something stronger) with – however, it could be totally embarrassing when i show up having perfectly recreated this face.

to start, her tapered brows frame her face beautifully without taking over. whoever filled them in has mastered the art of concentrating color in the inner corners and leaving the edges soft and natural. i do still love a bold brow, but there’s also something to be said for this kind of subtlety. i would use a matching brow powder and my favorite brush to get the look on my own.

moving down to that teensiest of cat eyes and those lush black lashes, i would try using a very thin black liquid liner. to emulate emma, i would take it just beyond a tightline on the top lid, flicking it out into the corner of my eye (not beyond) and then carrying it about a third of the way under my bottom lash line for a touch more definition. for blacker than black defined lashes, i’d reach for my favorite precision mascara – it never, ever clumps.

finishing things off with that sweetly pink lip is a piece of cake. my go-to shade from nars (called catfight) is a semi-matte nude mauve. when polished off with the very slightest touch of cotton candy gloss, my lips are looking as good as lucy’s. (did anyone else love my week with marilyn?) oh, and if you want the story on emma’s to die for tribal pearls, they are dior – but i am planning to score my own more affordable version from baublebar.

do you love this look as much as me?

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  1. Lola says:

    Yes, I do totally love this look also. I like a natural but polished look and Ms. Watson here has it down pat!

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