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i adore mark celebrity makeup artist jamie greenberg. we are yet to meet in person, but my obsession with her you tube channel makes me feel like i know her. along with being uber talented, jamie is also kind of a super mom. i constantly stalk her instagram for the occasional peek of her cutie daughter leni, so i wanted to tap into her momma bear expertise and have her give me some much needed advice for keeping my makeup fresh while i wait for my own mini me to arrive.

i’m embracing it as much as i can, but what is your best trick to help deflect attention from my expanding belly?

try to deflect with bold makeup choices, i think a bold lip is first and foremost. also, i love a statement necklace, drawing attention to your neck rather than your belly!

it’s hot! how can i look polished without literally sweating my face off?

less is more – groomed hair and minimal makeup make it easier to navigate the heat. try carrying blotting sheets with you, this way you can constantly touch up your skin without piling on makeup over and over again. i also love those little fans that they sell at bed, bath & beyond for an instant cooling effect!

sleeping is a challenge (and I hear it’s only about to get worse!) – what are your favorite tricks for disguising tired eyes?

i’m really into lash extensions or fake lashes because they instantly open up your eyes. plus, they create a full look when you’re so tired you don’t have much time for any other makeup!

i was not anticipating the sun spots and skin pigmentation that come with pregnancy hormones. any advice on how to combat this pesky problem?

a good concealer that you can dab on naturally so it just covers the pigmentation, but blends evenly into your skin. the good thing is that the spots will go away after pregnancy. remember to use plenty of safe SPF so you don’t attract any more sun spots!

post-baby, how can i look presentable and pulled together in as little time as possible? what areas should i concentrate on, what is ok to skip?

messy hair is a clear giveaway that you’re tired and there’s a newborn at home, so if it’s possible, spend time perfecting your hair. curl your lashes, apply mascara and a cheek and lip tint – applying minimal makeup will save time you can spend on your hair. you will look polished and it won’t take much time! also, a top knot is an easy style that always looks chic!

finally – just because i’m obsessed – how can I make my eyebrows look like lucy hale’s?

let’s be honest, lucy was born with perfect brows.

damn. well, a girl can dream.

if you’re craving more from jamie (and you should be) – please check out her you tube channel. i promise you will be hooked after watching my two favorite videos – the one in which she gives her 89 year old grandmother a makeover for her daily trip to the grocery store and the one where she lets her adorable daughter leni do actress marla sokoloff’s daughter’s makeup. (hilarious!)

many thanks to jamie for her kind advice. one week and counting down to baby gloss…


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4 Comments to momma bear makeup tips from jamie greenberg

  1. Monica Alves says:

    Thanks for this, I needed it, as I’ve been feeling not-so-pretty lately (about halfway through my pregnancy now) so I’ve been buying more and more makeup and don’t really know what to do with it, I just feel like it should somehow help me feel better lol. I’m having skin issues- not pigmentation but major hormonal acne, if there is a concealer in particular that you recommend, please let me know! Thanks!! ~Monica

    • lara ramos says:

      i can totally relate! this is the best concealer – it’s creamy and it actually treats the problem without drying out your skin. it blends with my foundation perfectly (use a little fluffy brush if you have one) – i hope it helps you!

  2. Ha! I love the last answer, and it’s unfortunately true! Great Q&A xx

    Amy | Bubbles & Blush

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