beauty essentials

beauty essentials


i get a lot of questions about my beauty essentials. inquiring minds want to know about the must-have products that i can’t live without and the parts of my routine where i tend to splurge instead of save. when it comes down to it, these products work extra hard to keep me looking polished and pulled together – even if i’m feeling like frazzled mess!

the facial exfoliators
everyone should make a solid investment in one or two treatment products that tackle their specific skin issues. my skin needs chemical exfoliation to stay clear and i have found mario badescu glycolic foaming cleanser ($15) to be my best friend in the shower and somme institute transport pads ($58) are the perfect thing to use after washing my face at night. both products remove dead skin cells and keep my pores fresh and clean.

the tinted lip balm
i know – i’m like the poster child for tinted lip balms, but there’s a reason for that. the right one gives enough color to pull your look together while keeping your lips nice and soft. for me, this baume in love from lancome ($26) teases out the natural pink in my lips and is equal parts casual and sophisticated. it keeps me looking in control when i’m on the go and i can swipe it on without looking in a mirror.

the cure-all concealer
coverup just won’t cut it. i need something super reliable that’s going to zap dark circles and hide the occasional breakout while treating my skin issues at the same time. this workhorse from miracle skin ($36) hydrates, treats, protects, and color corrects while also smoothing and minimizing fine lines. it matches my skin perfectly and plays very nice with my favorite foundations.

the everyday spf
i’ve had my share of on-again-off-again relationships with moisturizers over the years, but after having a questionable mole removed last year, i knew that it was time to settle down with an spf that i will actually apply daily. this one from mario badescu ($26) isn’t greasy, sticky or pore-clogging making it a cinch to commit to. a little goes a long way and my skin looks forward to drinking this stuff in each morning.

the reliable polish
when it comes to the polishes that i actually buy and keep in my medicine cabinet (as opposed to those that i borrow from the salon shelf ), i look for something that is easy to apply and lasts all week long. deborah lippmann’s formula cannot be beat. two thin coats are all that you need and her timeless nude – aptly named naked ($18) – manages to look both classic and cool at the same time, a total no-brainer.

what are the things that your makeup bag couldn’t make it through the day without?

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4 Comments to beauty essentials

  1. birchjuice says:

    I really like Mario Badescu skincare products as well! Their honey moisturizer doesn’t have SPF but it feels so nice on the skin. I may have to try the 30SPF one though!

    • lara ramos says:

      i have been curious about the honey moisturizer! i tend to stick with oil-free products which is the only reason that i haven’t given it a test. so happy you’re an MB fan!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I use Decleor and Carita skin care products and love them, they work very well for my skin. The Decleor brightening cleanser has helped a sun spot I’ve had forever nearly disappear and removes all make up gently. I also always have on hand some sort of make up wipe, great for quick fixes, changes or lazy nights. Right now I love the wips from H2O plus, really great and the package seals well.
    I have exzcema so skin/body products are tough. I use La Mer the hand treatment on my hands and although the price tag is high it’s the only hand cream that’s helped. Rut now my body routine is This Works oil and miracle leg serum which leaves a sun kissed glow.

    My make up go to is supergoop’s cc cream, Bobbi brown bronzed, nars multiple in Portafino, trish mac’s gel eye pencil in a brilliant navy colour and my all time favorite mascara Chanel inatmitable in noir.
    I’m playing around with lipsticks lately and right now obsessed with the nars lip pencils, I have a go to matte, satin and gloss, easy to use, long lasting and can be bright or very natural depending on the colours.

    • lara ramos says:

      so many amazing brands and products in your arsenal! can i tell you that nars portofino has been on my list for-ever! you might have just pushed me over the edge :) thanks for sharing your FABULOUS routine xo

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