alterna caviar cc cream for hair

alterna caviar cc cream for hair

i am 11 days into motherhood and finding myself in a true state of bliss. lou is absolute heaven and proving herself (at least for the moment) to be a very good and sweet little baby. currently, she is peacefully sleeping, and while i could just stare at her all day long, i thought that for the sake of sanity i might return to beauty blogging while i have a free moment.

it hasn’t taken long for me to reevaluate my beauty routine, eliminate the fuss, and prioritize the products that are all business. i’ve been using alterna caviar cc cream for hair since the week before i delivered and it was love at first pump. far from the first cc cream for hair that i have reviewed, this one easily trumps all of the rest. in short, it delivers all of the amazing 10-in-1 benefits of other cc creams (heat protection, smoothness, moisture, shine, anti-breakage, light hold, uv protection, manageability, strength, and softness) but it leaves my hair better than ever: silky, glossy strands with beautiful shape that holds for a solid three days. hydration is feather-light and my hair is visibly much healthier than before i started using the product.

this is the closest to a salon-qaulity blowout that i can get in my own bathroom and while my hair is definitely ready for a bath on day three, i could probably push it far beyond that boundary because there is virtually no grease and oil rearing its ugly head and demanding shampoo. well done on this miracle product, alterna! i can see why the blogs, magazines, and 400 sephora reviews are all raving about the results from this perfect leave-in lotion.

alterna caviar cc cream for hair, $25 >

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  1. Lacey says:

    Well now I need this.

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