day to night: bite beauty lip treatments

bite beauty lip treatments

lip products tend to suck the life out of my lips. something about that skin is just extra sensitive and i can always tell by the “morning after effects” when i’ve overdone it on lip color the day before. it’s no fun to have to slather your lips in a treatment balm to undo the damage when the rest of you is all done up, but thankfully bite has solved that issue by adding a gorgeous rose gold pearl tint to their intensive lip mask treatment. usually a product that i reserved for overnight use, this new development means that i can wear it during the day and it actually looks pretty. not only does the color pigment make for the perfect no makeup look, but my lips get extra special treatment from all of the agave goodness. just gorgeous.

at night, i soak my lips in bite bb for lips in natural. it works to restore the texture of my lips overnight and i wake up in the morning feeling renewed softness. my lips are more healthy and hydrated throughout the day and as an added bonus, spf 15 makes this the perfect protecting balm for daytime, too. since the formula is thick and a little grippy, it serves as a beautiful lip primer to lock in hydration underneath of your favorite lip color as well. if you prefer, you can pick this one up in four beautiful tinted shades for a little extra lip enhancement.

it’s no secret that bite has quickly established themselves to be an authority in lips and these two innovative and new releases just prove that they are not relinquishing the throne anytime soon.

bite agave lip mask champagne ($26) and bite bb for lips ($24) >

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