nomaterra on-the-go fragrance wipes

nomaterra on-the-go fragrance wipes

remember my friends at nomaterra? well, they have some pretty exciting news.

the gorgeous independent perfume brand has launched their innovative fragrance wipes at sephora! available online and in the beauty to go section in stores, the variety pack of 12 sachets features three beautiful travel-friendly and location-inspired scents: miami (orange blossom), oahu (gardenia) and malibu (honey suckle).

if the notion of a fragrance wipe stumps you, consider the convenience of no longer needing to tote your glass perfume bottles when you travel or fuss with an atomizer ever again. these perfectly sized, soft wipes also make it a cinch to freshen up after the gym or before happy hour. the fragrances are fresh and long lasting with a sophistication that is completely unique. one sniff and there’s no question that these small-batch scents are crafted using all natural ingredients from their namesake locations.

for me, the combination of a completely innovative concept paired with impeccably executed luxury perfume makes these an absolute must have. my prediction? you will fall hard for these fragrances and wonder how you ever lived without these little wipes.

nomaterra on-the-go fragrance wipes, $20 >

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3 Comments to nomaterra on-the-go fragrance wipes

  1. Cait Platt says:

    How do you not end up with perfume-y fingers? I mean it’s fine to smell but if I’m headed to happy hour and eating finger foods, no matter how hard I wash I’m going to taste the perfume, no?

    • lara ramos says:

      this is such a good question – i actually haven’t noticed! the only thing i can figure is that i’m not holding them long enough for my fingers to really soak up the scent (not like a tan towel). i think if you wipe your fingers with a towel or even rinse them after applying you won’t have a problem. you can always test these at your local sephora, too! curious to hear your thoughts :)