stila mile high mascara

stila mile high mascara

when caring for a three-week old infant, mascara basically qualifies as a luxury – and for that reason, i am extra picky about which one i wear these days. since lou arrived, i have done my makeup maybe four times and it’s a much more pared down face than i have historically sported. lush lashes have become the focus because they make my eyes look much more open and awake than they actually are and it’s a simple way to not just feel like a human again, but feel like a girl.

the mascara that has captured this new momma’s heart is none other than stila mile high. we should first discuss its ultra sleek and sophisticated packaging – the gorgeous gold tube is a whole new direction for everyone’s favorite indie brand (remember the days when their eyeshadows came in little cardboard packages?) – but it’s what’s inside that truly impresses. stila has managed to master a formula that delivers both length and volume resulting in some seriously full and flirty fringe. the black stuff glides on for a glossy finish, lifting, curling, and stretching my lashes to their absolute best. there is no clumping or spidery spindles to worry about and stila is giving us nothing but gorgeous lashes that look like homegrown extensions of what you’ve already got. the product wears all day and then some without smudging or flaking and because it adheres so well, i find that a little eye makeup remover helps to wash it clean at the end of the day so that you’re not scrubbing your delicate eye area too hard.

this is a big winner from the stila camp and it could easily replace all other mascaras in your beauty basket because it does everything you want with one formula and is essentially both waterproof and washable. it gives me the drama that i want for daytime (without being over the top) and it also gives me the option of building those very vampy lashes that i like for a night out or a special occasion.

what more could a girl possibly want? oh yes, a shower would be nice… #newmom

stila mile high mascara, $25 >

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6 Comments to stila mile high mascara

  1. Sounds amazing! I love all of Stila’s new packaging :)

    • lara ramos says:

      i wasn’t sure what to think at first – it’s so sleek and different from what i’m used to, but it definitely elevates them to a new level!

  2. I just got an email from stila about a free brush set this week with any $50 dollar purchase. I wasn’t sure what to get, but now I’m definitely going to check out this mascara. Perfect timing!

  3. Nicole Caruso says:

    I remember those early days! I clung to mascara as the only thing that I would truly spend time on, beauty wise. This sounds like a great find! Will definitely add to my beauty shopping list. Sending XOs!

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