rouge bunny rouge bronzing glow powder

rouge bunny rouge bronzing glow powder

finding a natural shade of bronzer can be an impossible feat and, beyond that, there is a real shortage of shimmer-free options. as someone who shops for an exclusively matte version, i also find that just dusting brown powder on my face 1) eliminates any dewy effect that i have achieved and 2) tends to look obviously faux and flat.

the struggle is real.

so, when a new bronzer comes on the scene, calling itself a “glow powder” and promising a “blissed-out halo of warmth” i can’t get my hands on it fast enough. rouge bunny rouge has subtitled its bronze compact ‘as if it were summer still’ and i couldn’t agree more. this satiny matte powder is smooth, natural, and radiant with two shade choices that will have fair-skinned beauties singing with glee. the product applies with ease and is virtually goof-proof. you can dust it all over your favorite foundation to bring some life back to your skin tone or you can concentrate it on your cheeks / nose / hairline to mimic the sun’s summer kisses.

i’ve been sporting it in the shade ‘at netherway cove’ which has a touch of peach (less of that neutral beige). it is soft and silky, blends beautifully and brings a natural, yet oddly goddess-y glow to my skin. since my face is begging for warmth, i am loving this powder and the pretty, pretty bronze that it delivers – as if it were summer still.

rouge bunny rouge bronzing glow powder, $39 >

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  1. Excellent! I have the same problem of either being brown or glittery.

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