murad transforming powder

murad transforming powder

nearly all products designed to treat acne irritate the heck out of my skin. it bugs me that brands who claim to be acne experts keep creating and marketing things that damage the most stressed-out skin type there is – but, that’s a story for another day.

in truth, i’m lucky that my skin is mostly clear at the moment (thank you, pregnancy hormones), but i always know that my next breakout is looming right around the corner, so maintenance is crucial. when murad shared news of their new transforming powder, an exfoliating product designed specifically to go easy on acne-prone skin, i was completely intrigued. in essence, the dry powder is a cleanser that you activate with water and massage onto your face. now, my first impression was that the whole process seemed kind of fussy, but one wash and i quickly realized that not only is it pretty easy, but it works.

just a dime sized mound of powder mixed with wet hands creates a foamy wash with gentle granules that smooth and soften skin as you move it around with your fingertips. after rinsing, my skin feels super clean and far less greasy, but not at all dry or tight. for an acne product, this is near revolutionary!

while i am sad to report that my first (glass) bottle of transforming powder fell victim to my tile shower floor, this is definitely something that i am adding to my weekly routine. i love the way that it left my skin feeling soft and cleansed – and i swear it went nuclear on a nasty little jawline breakout that i was fighting on friday (all but disappeared as of yesterday).

murad transforming powder, $30 >

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  1. I’m intriegued by this! Sounds like what my fickle skin needs.

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