mark. wonderfleur eau de toilette spray

mark wonderfleur

when i shop for fragrance, i look for something feminine and unexpected – because i don’t like to smell like everyone else. new mark wonderfleur eau de parfum has hints of nontraditional notes like meadow dew, wild freesia, and dandelion feathers accented by seasonally appropriate apple blossom, delicate mandarin flower, and grounded with pillowy musk. the combination is cool and different, just perfect for early fall and not at all ordinary.

if you’re in the market for a perfume that’s wildly feminine, a little whimsical, and freshly floral without being over the top, then wonderfleur is for you. mark impresses me once again with their ability to create a scent that’s equally sophisticated and fun – this one is garden-inspired and all grown up. it’s so wearable that i can spritz it on when i’m in my pajamas (oh, motherhood is a treasure!)¬†and not worry that i’m overpowering the nostrils of my newborn, but i also know that it’s going to make a gorgeous addition to my fall wardrobe when i return to work (and play!) in a couple of weeks.

mark. wonderfleur eau de toilette spray, $28 >


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