fekkai full blown volume shampoo + conditioner


i’m a spendy shampoo skeptic. if i’m going to invest, it’s certainly not in something that sits on my hair for two minutes before i rinse it down the drain. so, fekkai full blown volume shampoo and conditioner were not on my radar when two tiny sample packets (sent by influenster) have already sent me running to purchase the full-size versions.

these products are a gorgeous experience from start to finish. out of the bottle, the shampoo smells delicious – a fresh and citrusy combination that my research tells me is lime and mint) – and washes my hair clean without stripping it or making it feel squeaky. the conditioner is feather-light, but it coats my hair easily, detangling, and drenching it in hydration without weighing it down in the slightest.

out of the shower, my hair smells heavenly and the good vibes continue straight through my blowdrying routine (which, i should confess is no routine at all – i flip my head around, using only my fingers, there is no strategy or talent…i should really take a class). after i finish, i am shocked to find that my hair is really polished and smooth. it looks so impressive that i consider forgoing the flat iron altogether, but i run it through for extra credit.

here’s the bottom line:  since using this pair, my hair looks and feels amazing. i am still really surprised to find results like these from products with sulfates in them, but i cannot argue with results. my grueling hair straightening routine somehow now feels effortless and the resulting hair? it’s better than ever.

fekkai full blown volume shampoo ($16) and conditioner ($17) >

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