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i love fall and all of its new beginnings, but as soon as the weather cools down, my face starts to get dry, sealing off my pores and causing breakouts. this year, i am battling the effects of post-partum hormones on top of the change in climate – all while preparing to attend my ten-year college homecoming later this month.

it has taken me a couple of years to learn that i cannot treat adult acne the same way that i did when i was in school. i can’t reach for the same products that i did then, so it’s a good thing that the products have evolved along with my skin.

when shopping for fall skincare, i want something serious enough to treat the acne, but not so harsh that my skin will react to it. as a new mom, i also want something super simple. this season, olay is saving the day with fresh effects {acne control scrub!} salicylic acid acne & blackhead treatment.

for me, the combination of salicylic acid, exfoliation and hydration is essential to treating my adult acne. olay fresh effects delivers with this exfoliator and i have found that it unclogs pores, revealing new, healthy skin cells and leaving my face smoother, softer, and clearer.

what i love best about this treatment is that it is effective at zapping the offending areas of my face, but gentle enough to treat the rest of it with care. salicylic acid is the perfect weapon because it’s preventative and nondrying and the addition of green tea calms and protects my sensitive skin.

i love knowing that my seasonal skincare game is all figured out with this tube from olay fresh effects- because with all of the gorgeous trends that fall has to offer, fresh and glowing skin is my very favorite!

disclosure: this post was sponsored by olay fresh effects through their partnership with POPSUGAR. while i was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about olay fresh effects, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Gj says:

    I need to exfoliate on a regular basis as well or my skin looks very dull. I will check out that face wash. Could you tell me the color of the Tom Ford lispstick pictured here? It looks like the perfect mlbb shade!

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