clarins instant light

Radiance Boosting Complexion Base

sleep deprivation has a direct impact on skin, mostly in the radiance department. since sleep is a precious gift around here, lately i’ve been feeling like my go-to foundation just isn’t cutting it. no amount of bronzer or trickery can bring the life back to my dull skin, so on a recent and particularly desperate morning this past week, i reached for clarins instant light.

it’s a moisturizing base meant to be worn alone or under foundation and one very thin layer veils all of my imperfections and brings in some major brightness. worn alone, it’s a great product for when you want to run around town or go to yoga looking like you’re not wearing a stitch of makeup. layered under foundation and whoa baby! we are talking some seriously flawless, beautiful and luminous skin.

once brushed on, it corrects skin tone, masks redness, hydrates, and soothes all while brightening and luminizing without adding shine or shimmer. skin is fresh, glowing, clear and smooth – a much more refined version of what i wake up with each morning. in short, this tube is pure perfection, making me look and feel like i’ve got it all together, when nothing could be further from the truth.

 clarins instant light, $38 >

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  1. Rena Havey says:

    Hi Lara– I use Clarins as well! I love their products– so luxurious. You should try the Instant Perfector Pen— Amazing! And the Lip Perfector Gloss as well.

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