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mischo beauty catwalk

when it comes to nail polish, i want shine, strength, and no streaks – and i want it in two coats that dry lighting fast. mission impossible? maybe – but it’s certainly not an order too tall for mischo beauty. i am way overdue on giving this local brand a try, even after seeing all of the amazing press, but better late than never! i met kitiya, the face behind the brand and just about the sweetest human being you will ever meet, a couple of years ago right before her polishes were about to launch. since then, i’ve kept my eye on her booming beauty empire until i just couldn’t stand it any longer.

this season, mischo’s collection is called ‘brave is beautiful’ and the four shades represented are trend-right and super sophisticated. there is not a dud in the bunch! i got my hands on catwalk, a creamy concrete gray, and gave myself a quick diy manicure. the color applies evenly without effort, but my favorite part is how easily it wipes off of skin! my hands are not at all steady, so any manicure requires some cleanup. with mischo’s lacquers, i can use my fingernail to wipe away any mistakes without having to break out the q-tips and polish remover. perhaps the second-best thing about these lacquers is how quickly they dry. my hands were ready to scoop lou up from her nap within seconds and i didn’t experience any smudging – no topcoat necessary. (although, i did add one on day two for insurance.)

these polishes are beautiful in the bottle, effortless to apply, and a pleasure to wear. they are all 5-free and if kitiya keeps nailing the color collection each season (which i have a feeling without doubt that she will!) she has got a come-back customer for sure.

mischo beauty luxury nail lacquers, $18 >

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