m-61 jetglow cream

m-61 jetglow cream

well, it’s happened.

i have fallen for a $92 face cream and i almost wish it wasn’t true, but facts are facts and the fact is that m-61 jetglow cream has changed my face tremendously. this stuff is truly worth its weight in gold and here’s why:

my skin needs more than just a good cleanser and moisturizer to keep it healthy. on top of my tendency to break out, my skin is quickly beginning to show signs of age, a signal that i need to bring out some big guns to work on improving it overnight. jetglow combines my favorite chemical exfoliant, glycolic acid, with peptides to relax fine lines and wrinkles and antioxidants like red seaweed to firm, soothe, and nourishes. this combination keeps my pores clear and visibly improves texture, plus when i smooth it on after my nightly washing, it instantly calms my skin. this makes jetglow a bit of a game changer, because where most hardworking anti-aging products tend to irritate my sensitive skin, this one actually strengthens and improves it.

i know that $92 is a bit steep (i mean, i don’t even spend that on jeans) but when i realized how many products this night cream actually replaces, i decided that the benefits far outweigh the costs. the overnight results are so good that this one product is replacing my toner, acne medication, eye cream, and even my favorite mask. it’s a luxurious but highly effective all-in-one that penetrates and improves things while you sleep – so save your pennies and make a little extra room on the sink-side for this guy.

m-61 jetglow cream, $92 >

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