stephanie johnson friends + family sale

stephanie johnson mini pouch

it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

stephanie johnson is having her twice-yearly friends + family sale which means that every single gorgeous cosmetic bag on her website is 45% off. (which is almost 50% off, which is almost free.)

might i recommend the mini pouch in galapagos orchid? it holds your entire fall lip wardrobe, your meds, a creme blush, you name it. i happen to know that steph (#shamelessnamedrop) carries a mini pouch that serves as her wallet. she keeps it stashed with her cards and cash and i always think that it looks exceedingly chic every time that she pulls it out to pay for something.

this season, beyond the mini pouch which is my consistent favorite, i’m also loving the large flat pouch in santiago. my thinking is that it would keep me organized and double as the cutest clutch. if you’re in the market for some serious travel makeup bags, look no further than grace brush case (a weekend getaway essential) or the iconic ml traveler, which is a must if you’re going away for more than a night or two.

there’s endless beauty on stephanie’s site and each one of her designs is more pretty and practical than the next. case in point: julianna jewelry case, my favorite newcomer this season. i mean, hello gorgeous! do i go galapagos grey or sparkly chantilly? decisions.

so, in summary, before i go any more ga-ga, stephanie johnson’s fall collection is crazy good, like maybe the best ever, and it’s all 45% off with code sjfriends.

happy shopping!

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