first aid beauty ultra repair liquid recovery

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery

something has been a little off with my skin lately. blame it on the breastfeeding, or maybe the early mornings, but the fact is that things have been looking kind of dull and tired. knowing that i needed to add something special to my routine to turn it all around, i rummaged through the glossarie beauty closet and pulled out first aid beauty ultra repair liquid recovery. it promised to hydrate and repair my stressed skin. done!

a few nights ago, in lieu of my go-to toner, i rubbed a teaspoon of the liquid between my hands. at first glance, the consistency is not much more impressive than plain water, but after pressing it into skin it’s clear that this is no ordinary h20. it’s insanely hydrating on contact and plumps up the skin, making it feel smooth and very soft. in the morning is where the real magic is visible: my skin is less red, more vibrant and healthy, and my makeup glides on, working with my skin and not against it.

since my skin tends to break out, i much prefer applying this lightweight and little-goes-a-long-way fluid instead of a thick cream. best of all,¬†there’s no risk of breakouts or irritation (my sensitive skin did not react at all) – only hydrated and happy skin.

first aid beauty ultra repair liquid recovery, $38 >

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