tarte colored clay bronzer blush

tarte colored clay bronzer blush

i am far from a kardashian when it comes to contouring, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t love a little artificial shape and lift as much as the next girl. when i first landed eyes on this stunning palette from tarte, all i could think was how beautiful of a blended shade those little individual leaves would create. when i researched a little deeper, i learned that beyond color, tarte has created a skinvigorating formula made from nourishing mineral powders rich in nutrients and clay that protects against free radicals and restores balance. there was no question that this little compact would have to be mine.

now that i’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, i’m finding that the benefits here are way more advanced than your average blush or bronzer. i use this brush* to pick up pigment from the middle’ish row and pop it onto the apples of my cheeks for one heckuva gorgeous glow. i can’t really describe the instant contouring that this powder provides. it gives lift and definition without any special strategy or precise placement. all i can say is that its awesome. you can easily build and customize coverage for your specific skin tone and it’s easy to play around with color combinations on different parts of your face for one amazingly warm and natural finish.

i’m going to go ahead and call this one a must-have. i have a feeling that it won’t be around for long, so i would scoop it up at your earliest – and trust me when i tell you that you won’t be sorry.

tarte colored clay bronzer blush, $30 >

*hopefully it’s back in stock soon! it’s my favorite.

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