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mac mineralize blush new romance

i waltzed, nay sprinted, into the nordstrom beauty department on a recent dash through the mall. (time is scarce with a baby, people – errands become an athletic event!) i was on a mission for the perfect blush.

i get to test a lot of things and many of them are beautiful, but sometimes you just want an expert to prescribe you that no-questions-asked shade and formula. my demands were clear: something natural, fresh, pretty, that would make my skin look youthful and glowing. the absolute darling of a girl working the mac counter didn’t hesitate and pressed┬ámineralize blush in new romance into my hand. it’s peachier than i normally gravitate towards (fair maidens must be weary of anything looking garish) but i was so drawn to its pearly sheen that i didn’t think twice. mac girl told me she gets a lot of freebies from the brand (like, a lot) and that this is the one that she repurchases over and over. we had similar skin tone, i was sold!

now that i’ve got it home and i’ve been using it, i have to say this is the good stuff. for a powder, it’s almost creamy and it brings such life to these tired cheeks, just enhancing everything i’ve got with a sheer and luminous glow. you must be very careful with application because i overdid it on the first try. just a single tap goes a long way to making me feel pretty.

a small warning that this might have a touch too much shimmer for some, so go give it a visit in person before committing, but i think a lot of you ladies will find a home for mac mineralize blush in your daily face.

mac mineralize blush, $27 >

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