clarins moisture replenishing lip balm

clarins moisture replenishing lip balm

i can’t believe it’s almost been a year since i saw lupita nyong’o drop a little blue tube of lip balm into pharrell’s hat at the oscars. while that may be just about the most random way to find out about a new beauty product – ever, i was not alone because the stuff sold out everywhere almost instantly. i kept in fierce touch with the lovely people at clarins until finally they had it back in stock to send my way. let’s just say that after a long wait, this stuff had a lot of living up to do.

the lip balm in question is clarins moisture replenishing balm with essential rose wax and people, it’s wonderful. my favorite way to use this lightly pink-tinged balm is to smooth it over my parched lips when i’m just out of the shower. it has a little sheen to it and it preps my lips for whatever color i’m planning to wear that day.

it’s simple, really. lupita’s lip balm makes my lips feel comfortable and look healthy. they are moist and protected all day long and i feel like i’m just one step closer to walking the red carpet.

clarins moisture replenishing lip balm, $24 >

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2 Comments to clarins moisture replenishing lip balm

  1. Caitlin F. says:

    lupita’s lips are pretty fabulous, but I’ve gotta ask – is aquaphor a worthy dupe? I’m already sold on clarins, just curious!

    • lara ramos says:

      i love aquaphor, but i use it more for healing really severe chapped lips. this one is more for everyday hydrating – and it makes your lips look pretty because it has a pearly sheen. they are different products, but both great for their own purposes!

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