marc jacobs beauty the face ii sculpting foundation brush no. 2


marc jacobs the face ii sculpting foundation brush

this brush is the coolest.

it falls somewhere between a traditional flat foundation brush (the kind that makeup artists are always trying to convince me to use) and the round fluffy brush that i’ve come to know and love as my ideal applicator. the precision of one combined with the natural application of the other blends to create the most flawless foundation coverage that i have ever experienced. this brush doesn’t soak up a ton of product and it doesn’t shed its bristles – which are soft and gentle on my sensitive skin. i love the weight of it in my hand and the way that it’s holding up, keeping its shape in-between washings, too.

i almost never spend or recommend spending this kind of money on a brush, but something about this one really has a hold on me. the shape allows me to get around my nose and into the corners of my eyes just as easily as i can obtain smooth, even coverage on my forehead, cheeks and chin. the fluffiness helps to blur any foundation into my jaw and neck so that i don’t run around with any crazy looking lines. i feel like it’s making my foundation perform better and it’s definitely making my skin look insanely good.

if you’ve got yourself a nice sephora gift card burning a hole in your pocket (you lucky devil) go ahead and grab this guy. any girls who apply any kind of liquid/cream foundation or a tinted moisturizer/bb/cc cream on the regular are really going to love this one.

marc jacobs beauty the face ii sculpting foundation brush no. 2 > $48

hmm…there seems to be some confusion about whether this is the face i or the face ii (sephora says one thing, marc jacobs says another) – the brush i’m in love with is the angled version pictured above!

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