sebamed q10 age defense cream

sebamed q10 age defense cream

did you know that your skin has an optimum pH of 5.5? this is the level where it seals in hydration and can better protect itself from environmental stressors that cause damage. there are a lot of ways that you can bring balance to your skin, but all you really need to know is that achieving this balance is the key to a more beautiful face. in layman’s terms? maintaing the right pH balance means less fine lines and pesky crow’s feet.

sign. me. up.

my skin pretty much always exhibits one of the main symptoms of being unbalanced: acne. simple exposure to the elements causes my pores to clog and it’s no picnic. my pH balance has to be out of whack, but how did it get that way? the likely causes are my tendency to be too harsh on my face, using water that’s too hot and over-exfoliating. the good news for me is that it’s actually pretty simple to get things back in line, and that’s where seamed q10 comes in.

this cream is magic. not only does it bring my skin to that perfect 5.5 pH, it’s bringing everything back to basics and science says that a few weeks of regular use will calm my skin problems, help my face to properly absorb hydration and repel things that irritate it. since adding this luxe lotion to my morning ritual, i’m experiencing skin that looks and feels healthier. science also says that it’s helping all of my other products to work better, helping my skincare investment to turn a tidy profit to the tune of glowing skin.

if i haven’t bored you with all of my newfound beauty knowledge on pH, all you really need to take away is that i’m highly impressed with this workhorse of a beauty jar – and i’d bargain that anyone on the cusp of aging skin will agree.

sebamed q10 age defense cream, $25 >

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