dior addict lip glow coral

dior addict lip glow coral

to say that i loved this ‘into the gloss’ post on tinted lip balms would be an understatement. it’s more like i identify with it at the very core of my being, because that’s how serious i am about tinted lip balm. i wear it everyday and i try every single one that hits the market – and there are a lot of tinted lip balms on the market.

so let’s get down to brass tacks: which tinted lip balm is the best? while fresh makes a very good case (with twelve shades!) for having this category cornered, i’m going a bit more luxe and giving top marks to dior addict lip glow.

i had kind of considered this one case closed, not believing that dior could be beat, but it turns out that the brand has bested themselves. sephora has an exclusive with the coral version of my favorite tinted lip balm and dare i say, it’s better than the original. the coral shade is an extra fresh take and a welcome update for those of us who prefer orange tones over bright pink. the formula is just as moisturizing as the original, but the color is warm and has a vinyl-like, almost juicy finish. for a daily lip it’s neutral, but lush, perfect for every occasion and perfect for this dreary time of year.

i haven’t separated from mine since it landed on my doorstep (after a very patient wait for a sephora.com restock) and just this morning as i was putting it on, i was reminded how much i love it. it’s the ideal pop of color and it feels so comforting on my winter-ravaged lips. it’s the type of makeup i live for – something that looks like a stiletto, but feels like fleece leggings.

dior addict lip glow coral, $33 >

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  1. MK says:

    My favorite tinted lip balms are the Baume in Love balms from Lancome. I’ve tried three colors, and every one has been flattering. Plus, the colors stays very well and the balms don’t irritate my sensitive lips. They’re nicely moisturizing too.

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