la roche-posay physiological cleansing gel

la roche-posay physiological cleansing gel

leave it to me to get totally fired up over a face wash, but if you only knew how much i dread washing my face before bed you would understand. i have searched far and wide for the best evening face wash, preferring something that can be smoothed onto a dry face, will dissolve my washable mascara without rubbing and tugging, and can be rinsed clean with water. i have been using this one for awhile now and i like it, but my feelings haven’t been strong enough to warrant a blog post (a telling sign).

when i read about la roche-posay’s cleansing gel (physiological** cleansing gel, that is) i knew i had to have it. reviewers commented on its “milky, pudding-like goodness” and touted it as “the best cleanser i’ve ever used.” um yup, sold. it landed on my doorstep from the lovely people at la roche-posay and i have used it every single night since.

here’s why it’s so good. the cleanser works like a cetaphil or a cerave, but it’s way, way better. for one, it’s thicker and it feels more luxe, but it’s not as heavy and greasy as this cleanser. you can just tell that the science that goes into this cleanser is doing wonderful things for your skin when you smooth it on. it adheres to the day’s makeup, sucks out all of the dirt and grime and melts away my mascara in less than a minute. after rinsing, my face doesn’t feel tight and doesn’t look red so my sensitive skin is left feeling pampered, not abused. it smells kind of like a spa treatment and it has already made an impact on my skin’s clarity. if you suffer from acne, your skin is going to love this stuff so much more than whatever harsh regimen you’re already using.

if you have a face, do it this one favor and grab yourself a bottle of this gorgeous and gentle cleanser. it’s going to make you and your skin very, very happy.

la roche-posay physiological cleansing gel, $21.49 >

**from what i can gather from webster, the term means that this cleanser works with the way that your skin normally functions (i think)

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6 Comments to la roche-posay physiological cleansing gel

  1. “If you have a face…” Hahahaha! I’ve been using an oskia cleanser that sounds similar to this one. I noticed a few of la Roche posay’s products at target recently..probably too much to ask that they would have this ;)

    • lara ramos says:

      always worth a shot! i love the feature that tells you if a specific store has the product you’re looking for (on

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Do you know how this cleanser compares to Philosophy’s Purity cleanser? I’ve been using that for years, but I’m always open to better if it’s out there.

    • lara ramos says:

      i haven’t used the philosophy one in awhile, but the la roche-posay is more gentle and it doesn’t lather. i add a drop of water and smooth it onto a dry face – it works like almost like a lotion cleanser, but i rinse it off with water. i think it’s better at removing makeup, too. hope that helps!

      • Jennnfer says:

        That helps! Purity is also non-foaming, creamyish and gentle enough for eyes, but I’m intrigued by the La Roche-Posay. I use their sunscreens. I’ll give it a try. Thanks much!

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